Why Aren’t Clients or Prospects Asking About Cloud Services?

When talking with prospective and existing Partners, we hear it all the time:  “My clients aren’t interested/asking/talking about the Cloud.”  I have some theories, in no particular order, as to why this is so, with no possible way of proving any of them:

Theory #1:  They don’t know what “the cloud” is, and don’t want to appear stupid. Lincoln once said “It is better to be thought a fool instead of opening your mouth and removing all doubt.”  So it becomes our job to introduce the subject when appropriate and help educate the client to the various advantages that may be gained in their particular situation.  We can help educate with materials and presentations as you desire.

Theory #2:  They’re scared of misinformation they’ve heard about the cloud. They’ve heard that 1) it’s expensive, 2) it’s not secure, 3) they won’t know where the data is stored, 4) they won’t “own” it if it’s not on-site, and 5) the government is constantly monitoring it.  We can help you overcome those objections, even #5 (well, at least to the satisfaction of most people).

Theory #3:  They think they are too small (or too big). Companies of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of cloud services.  Cloud solutions come in all shapes and sizes as well.  It’s more about applications and other factors than number of employees.  Again, we can help you determine if your client’s situation can benefit from a cloud solution; we all want what is best for the client.

Theory #4:  They don’t ask you because they don’t know you offer it. How many times has a long-term client, prospect, friend, or family member said “I didn’t know you did that!”?  Too many times they assume you do or don’t do something, and too many times we assume they already know.  It’s all about educating your clients and prospects about all of your offerings and capabilities.

Theory #5:  Someone else is already talking to them about the Cloud, but they don’t want you to know. Maybe they think you’ll cut them off.  Maybe they don’t want to hurt your feelings.  But it’s dangerous to think they haven’t talked to somebody about using the cloud in some manner.  Be the first, be the expert, be the consultant, and they’ll remember you best when the time is right.

So, there are my theories; do you agree or disagree?  Please let us know what you think.

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