Network & Security

cloud securityThe entire concept of the cloud wouldn’t be possible without a highly secure, robust and efficient network infrastructure. These characteristics are achieved from the design and implementation phase, and re-enforced through operational procedures and constant surveillance and improvement processes.

We built and refined our network infrastructure, receiving valuable input from our technology and commercial partners, by hosting systems which serve the largest telecom, cable and utility companies in the country.  Utilizing best-in-class technology for high performance, our architects are always looking for ways to enhance and improve the customer experience, while keeping infrastructure costs under control to benefit all of our Partners and clients.

The approach to cyber and physical security and privacy relies on a multi-layer architecture, which is a characteristic of our secure, private cloud architecture. From the connectivity to the Cloud, which is only allowed through secure VPN, ATScloud builds a Secure Data CorridorTM to isolate each cloud customer from everyone else.

When it comes to the security of Your Data, we prefer to be the doers rather than the talkers.