Backup and Data Recovery with ExaGrid® and ATScloud Secure Cloud Solutions

ExaGrid_Authorized_LogoStoring offsite backups can be accomplished by making tape copies and vaulting them offsite. Or, if you are using or planning to use a disk-based backup appliance with deduplication for your onsite backups, then you could replicate those backups to another appliance in another one of your data centers that is geographically separated enough to offer disaster recovery protection. And in fact, as the migration from tape to disk for backup continues, more and more organizations are doing just that.

However, it not always feasible or even possible to deploy and manage an offsite disk-based appliance in a remote data center. In some cases, the up-front capital expenditure may be prohibitive. In other cases, there is no customer-owned remote data center available or little to no IT time available to manage the appliances providing disaster recovery protection for backup.

The value of a strong partnership

Now, because of the partnership between ExaGrid Systems and ATScloud, customers can still dramatically reduce — or even eliminate — tape both onsite and offsite through a secure Backup and Disaster Recovery offering. With the ATScloud/ExaGrid solution customers can replicate their onsite backups to the ATScloud infrastructure, located in a fully managed Tier IV data center environment, with its high level of built-in security protecting data from disaster. In this model, there are no up-front capital costs, no power, cooling or space requirements for your data center, and nothing for your IT staff to manage for disaster recovery. A disaster recovery plan is not a complete plan without testing. In fact, the DR plan can and should be tested with sufficient failures, and retested to ensure validity. Our solution enables frequent non-disruptive testing of recovery plans.

The solution consists of an installation of ExaGrid appliances in your data center for local onsite backups with replication to ATScloud’s secure cloud infrastructure.

The Benefits of Offsite Backup
  • Achieves the goal of having offsite copies of backups for disaster recovery and compliance
  • Avoids any up-front capital costs for storage related to offsite backup copies
  • Allows you to pay only for the actual capacity you use
  • Provides the ability to increase or reduce capacity requirements quickly with no penalty
  • Eliminates the need for IT staff to manage disaster recovery storage for backup
  • Gives multiple options for data recovery when needed
  • Offers the ability to conduct audits and DR tests when required

Five Reasons to Do Offsite Backups with ExaGrid and ATScloud

Protection Against Primary Site Data Loss
Industry-Leading Data Deduplication
Let the Product Awards Speak for Themselves
The Ultimate in Scalability for Onsite Backups
Unparalleled Security and Reliability Offsite

Download the ExaGrid-ATScloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Sales Brief