Managed Cloud-Based Backup & Storage

Worry-free, comprehensive managed backup

Managed Backup & StorageIncreasing data volumes, decreasing staff levels and limited budgets represent every-day challenges for many IT organizations. One of the main benefits in partnering with ATScloud, is the reduction in operational complexity, for partners as well as their end-customers.

Since the ATScloud environment is virtualized, we are able to offer a comprehensive managed backup service, which can protect the entire virtual server (operating system and data), so the complete virtual server can be restored when needed. Nightly backup jobs capture the incremental changes during the last day, and full backups occur during the weekends. The ATScloud team monitors the successful completion of every job, and proactively resolves any issue, so that you don’t have to worry.

Restores at file level, folder level, or for entire machines are available. The typical retention period is 14 days, but different schedules can be accommodated.

Customers can require snapshots of their machines before major upgrades or configuration changes.

ATScloud uses state-of-the art backup software and specialized disk-based, highly reliable backup appliances, which de-duplicate the information and can encrypt it at request, for enhanced security or compliance purposes.