Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Replace your tape backup with disaster recovery solutions from ATScloud

Cloud Based Disaster RecoveryWho needs disaster recovery protection? It’s similar to an insurance policy – so it depends on the value of the operational assets, the probability of a disaster to impact your company, and the risk your management is willing to take.

What kind of disaster? Anything from a natural calamity, a major power outage, fire or flood, a major security attack is a disaster, if it makes critical systems or an entire data center unavailable for a period of time, which the business cannot accept

It is important to understand that Disaster Recovery (DR) scenarios are not identical to Backup & Recovery or Business Continuity scenarios, despite the fact that there might be some overlaps.

It is very likely that your existing customers or prospects are interested, or even forced by regulation to prepare their response to disaster scenarios. It is a great business opportunity to get involved as they formulate the Disaster Recovery Plan. As data protection and system recovery questions come up, they expose the complexity and costs involved to achieve reasonable protection.

Examples of typical data recovery scenarios include:

  • ATScloud data recovery site: In this scenario, the primary system is hosted in the ATScloud data center. The end-customer requires geographically dispersed DR protection. ATscloud can facilitate the replication of the systems to a DR site, and activate virtual machines there, when a Disaster Recovery situation occurs. This solution offers short RTO, flexible RPO, and high degree of fail-over and fail-back automation and DR testing without disturbing the production system.
  • Backup-independent disaster recovery: This scenario is similar to the first one; however in this case, the primary system is on-premises, managed by the partner or the end-customer. This scenario is applicable for end-customers who have VMware environment on-premises. Replication occurs at the hypervisor level, with very short RTO, flexible RPO, and is independent of the backup software or appliance used to backup on-premises. Customers can select the virtual machines which will be replicated, and whether the compute resources will be pre-allocated or requested on-demand in a DR situation. The affected end-customers would be able to connect to the DR systems in the Cloud and continue to operate, until the primary site recovers from the Disaster.
  • Recover from cloud-based backup: This solution combines cloud-based backup with disaster recovery. Partner are able to protect virtual machines for multiple end-customers, by replicating the backup information from their on-premises systems to ATScloud. Depending on the type of systems protected, and the appliances in use on-premises, different replication mechanisms are available. When disaster recovery situation occurs, the virtual machines are activated at ATScloud, together with a pre-determined network fail-over mechanism.

At ATScloud, we are working closely with our partners to understand the DR requirements for each case and design efficient and cost-effective solutions. Since each partner is handling multiple end-customers, with a variety of requirements and price points, they appreciate the breath and flexibility of our portfolio and the solution approach.

Disaster Recovery Solutions Offered by ATScloud Technical Partner Zerto

ZertoZerto provides enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions for virtualized IT infrastructure & cloud. Zerto won Best of Show at VMworld 2011, a Best of VMworld 2014 award, as well as 2011, 2012, and 2013 Product of the Year Awards because our software, Zerto Virtual Replication, is the industry’s most comprehensive hypervisor-based data replication solution for VMware vSphere & Microsoft Hyper-V. Zerto Disaster Recovery solutions replace traditional array-based BCDR that was not built to deal with virtual IT environments. Learn more about Zerto at