Archiving in the Cloud

archiveThere is some data too important to lose, too private to be seen, and too critical to be tampered with. Our new Archival Service is ideal for any organization that needs to implement storage optimization, regulatory and corporate compliance, or long-term archiving of unstructured data. Standard Backup or Disaster Recovery solutions are designed for different needs.

Our secure archival service is perfect for:

  • Clients who have data records which are needed, but only occasionally accessed, such as medical or historic financial records
  • Those who need to reduce or simplify their primary storage
  • Document preservation and retention for government, industry, and corporate compliance, as well as legal and litigation requirements

Flexible Customer Options

Secure archival is based on industry-leading hardware and a private cloud architecture, minimizing capital investment. With a pay-as-you-go billing structure, there are options to fit almost any customer situation, providing great flexibility to design optimized solutions. Our solution is easy to use and requires little or no training for the end user. The original file names are listed and available in Windows Explorer: files archived in the cloud have a different icon, telling the user that the file has to be retrieved from the Cloud archival system, instead of a local drive.

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Benefits & AdvantagesSolutions ComparisonIndustry Specific Applications
      • Flexible configurations to meet multiple use cases
      • Applications for variety of vertical markets
      • Advantages of state-of-the-art archival without high entry costs
      • Document preservation through file “fingerprinting” and verification
      • Highly scalable
      • Document tracking: essential for corporate legal protection
      • Complete separation of data; no co-mingling
      • Meets regulatory mandates (FRCP, HIPPA, PCI, SEC, SOX, others)
      • Files can be AES-256 encrypted
      • Replication available for DR
      • Frees up more expensive primary storage
      • No capital expenditures on cloud components
      • Pay-as-you-go, per GB per month
      • Monthly operating expense
Cloud Archiving Table


  • Ideal for patient records, medical images, and HIPAA compliance needs
  • Hospitals
  • Physician offices
  • Dentist offices


  • Government records of all types, both for archival and primary storage relief
  • Police—traffic camera videos, dash-cam videos, case files
  • Courts—document storage/retrieval


  • SOX, SEC records compliance
  • Corporate records compliance
  • CPA compliance requirements


  • Evidence preservation
  • Litigation hold
  • Document production


  • Call centers
  • Video surveillance
  • Document preservation
  • Tollroad administration
  • Centralized document archival for multiple remote offices
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