Similarities of Selling Cloud and MSP Services

As successful MSPs, you have overcome many objections of those that are scared of losing control of their data, infrastructure, and maybe even their jobs.  When it comes to selling cloud services, many of the same reasons they chose to trust you with their IT are good reasons to use the cloud:

  • They’re tired of “dealing with computers” — Cloud services reduces or eliminates computer hardware on their premise, freeing up valuable real estate. Out of sight can also equal out of mind, in that if they aren’t seeing a server farm or rack, it’s one less thing for them to worry about.
  • Want to focus on their business — owners have so much on their plates, they can’t always get to IT needs; and when they do get to IT, they’re not very good at it, it’s frustrating, and it can be a timesuck (probably not a real word, but you know what I mean).  Combined with your services, your cloud removes those concerns one step further away.
  • Willing to relinquish control — they’ve already taken the first step of letting go by trusting their everyday IT needs to you; migration to your cloud, for the right solution, is a logical      next step, so long as it meets other criteria as well, such as…
  • Improved performance — as their trusted advisor, you are looking for more cost-efficiencies for your clients.  Your cloud can provide “more bang for the buck” than some alternatives.  More storage, RAM and processing power can be had at a reasonable cost, as well as a more secure and redundant home for their data.
  • Cost stability — clients are tired of fluctuating costs in managing their IT; that’s one reason they like the fixed-cost structure most MSPs have.  Your cloud perpetuates that cost      stability to the resources provided.  That cost stability and predictability keeps you and your clients happy.
  • CAPEX v OPEX — another discussion you’ve probably already had a zillion times in showing how your management services helps reduce capital needs.  There are companies that want (or need) the tax advantages new assets may provide, and you still have very good services to sell to them.  But for those clients that have a capital spending crunch, or need to save that capital for other projects, your cloud is a great alternative that fits their needs.

Have you noticed any other similarities?  Please let me know your thoughts; I’d like to add to the list.

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