Is The Cloud Ready for Your Client?

Your client has probably heard a lot about “the cloud”, and what it means, and why it’s the hot new thing.  Along with all that are articles about whether or not they are “ready for the cloud”, and “how to be prepared” for the cloud.

But why should they have to be ready for the cloud?  Shouldn’t the question really be “is the cloud ready for them?”  After all, it’s their data, their livelihood, that is being risked.  The cloud needs to prove to them that it can meet their needs and requirements, not the other way around.

Common concerns and questions revolve around:

  • Data security
  • Accessibility of the data
  • Ownership of the data
  • Investment protection
  • Costs (always)
  • Support

As an ATScloud Partner, your Cloud Services addresses each of these concerns to their benefit.  Let’s briefly discuss each:

  • Data Security:  Many clients are concerned that their data is stored off-site; however, the cloud can provide better physical and network security than most can afford on their own.
    • All client data is housed in a Tier IV Data Center, providing multiple power and network redundancies.
    • Client resources are specifically allocated, with no co-mingling with other clients’ data or resources.
    • Physical security includes:
      7×24 on-site guards
      Video surveillance
      Biometric access
      Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Accessibility:  Their data is accessible to them from any internet-connected location from just about any smart-device.  All data is behind carrier-class firewalls, and encryption protocols are available.
  • Ownership of the data:  The physical location of the data can be a concern in regards to who “owns” the data; this is particularly important for multi-national entities.  The ATScloud (your cloud) is physically located in Dallas, TX, and their data never leaves U.S. borders (unless they send it).  The data can be removed (with notice) from our cloud at any time; we can even arrange a tour of the Data Center where they can see the actual hardware that houses their data.
  • Investment protection:  Let’s face it — they’ve spent a lot of money on hardware and they can’t just throw it away.  The flexibility of the cloud allows them to migrate their applications at their speed; it’s not all-or-nothing.  Many of the solutions for clients include both on-site and cloud resources.  We even have a colocation option where they can house their hardware in the data center to free up real estate and migrate those applications when most appropriate.
  • Cost is always a consideration.  There are typically little or no up-front costs for a cloud solution, saving valuable capital dollars for other projects and needs.  The monthly charges are viewed as operating expenses, which can be advantageous tax-wise.  The cloud may not always be the cheapest alternative, but is very often the best value, providing the “best bang for the buck.”
  • Support:  The cloud solution is part of a managed services program that you provide; you are their first call for all support and help.

Hopefully, you can see that the cloud is, indeed, ready to meet your clients’ needs and expectations.  To be clear, the cloud is not the answer to every situation; however, a cloud-based component may be a vital and strategic portion of an overall solution.

There can be many advantages to utilizing the cloud; we’ve discussed just a few here.  Contact us to talk about your and your client’s specific requirements and how we can help design and implement the perfect solution for your clients.

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