State of Texas (DIR)

Cloud Services for the State of Texas

DIR LogoFor Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) customers, ATScloud has contracted with the State of Texas DIR Cooperative Contracts Program to offer a broad range of cloud solutions that offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional enterprise IT infrastructure. The ATScloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering provides Texas agencies with resources that are both configurable and have the ability to scale up or down based on demand. This means you only pay for the resources you use.

  • Reduce capital expenses.
  • More accurately predict budgets for equipment and services
  • Increase resources without the capital expense or associated headaches
  • Customized solutions for each agency’s requirements.

Contract Number: DIR-TSO-2613

Request a Quote: or call 1 855-ATS-CLOUD, and press 1 for sales. The main contacts will be Malcolm Wells and Michael Brady.

The DIR Contract number, DIR-TSO-2613 (click link to view contract pricing), must be referenced on all purchase orders issued to ATScloud in order to show you are utilizing the state contract for purchases. This contract is a DIR Cooperative Contract. For more information, please visit the ATScloud website.

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ATScloud IaaS Service Pricing

The below pricing is stated as MSRP and will appear in the statement of work. DIR has negotiated price discounts from the listed MSRP, for the State of Texas agencies, which will represent the base for our service price structure.

Please contacts us at or call 1 855-ATS-CLOUD, press 1 for sales and reference DIR Contract number, DIR-TSO-2613:

Service Categories Description of MSRP (see Note 1) Discount DIR unit price Recurrence
Virtual Server $125.00 30% $87.50 Monthly
Virtual vCPU $21.00 40% $12.60 Monthly
Virtual Memory $21.00 50% $10.50 Monthly
OS- Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (SPLA) $39.00 20% $31.20 Monthly
OS- Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (SPLA) $70.00 20% $56.00 Monthly
DB- Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard (SPLA) $344.00 20% $275.20 Monthly
DB- Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (SPLA) $1,240.00 20% $992.00 Monthly
OS- Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Servers $17.00 20% $13.60 Monthly
OS- SUSE Linux Enterprise $17.00 20% $13.60 Monthly
Extreme Performance Enterprise Storage (tiered storage) – 1 GB $1.90 50% $.95 Monthly
Performance Enterprise Storage (SAS) – 1 GB $0.97 40% $.58 Monthly
Standard Enterprise Storage (SATA) – 1 GB $0.37 30% $.26 Monthly
VPN Licensing $25.00 25% $18.75 Monthly
VPN Set-up $200.00 25% $150.00 One-time
Support Services (see Note 2) $0.00 25% $0.00 One-time
Technical Services (as defined by SOW) – Business Hours 8:00 am CST – 5:00 pm CST except State and Federal Holidays $200.00 25% $150.00 One-time
Technical Services (as defined by SOW) – Non-business hours $300.00 25% $225.00 One-time