Cloud services for legal entities

LegalClient privacy and evidence preservation are important factors when considering the cloud in the legal market.  ATScloud is uniquely positioned to satisfy those requirements.


Utilizing private cloud architecture, allows ATScloud to offer several advantages:

  • Secure access to data is provided by several layers of security and encryption, which are not always available from public cloud providers
  • We know where your data is at all times, something that public cloud providers can’t always say.  Further, your data will never leave US borders unless you do it.  This is critical when it comes to privacy laws, litigation holds, and evidence preservation.
  • Our virtual servers can be used for application hosting, such as e-discovery software, case management, practice management, billing, and the like, which saves hardware/capital expenditures and some associated support costs.
  • The archival product can be used for the law firm’s clients of all sizes.  Used as litigation hold and evidence preservation tools, this can open the doors to many of the firm’s clients, providing opportunities for cross-selling other products and services.

Our sales team can work with yours to identify opportunities and help communicate with the firm in their language.  Contact us today at for more information.