Solutions for local, state, or federal governmental agencies

Secure. Scalable. Reliable. Responsive. Cost Effective.

governmentAll of these attributes are critical for the data infrastructure of any local, state, or federal governmental agency. ATScloud has several applications for government entities of all sizes. Our services help keep capital expenditures down, while providing cost-efficient solutions for the taxpayer.


  • Hosting – Software applications can be hosted, enabling access from multiple geographic locations involved in city, county, state, or federal agencies.
  • VDI – ATScloud is a proven leader in providing large-scale VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), which can save thousands of dollars in hardware costs and administration.
  • Archiving – Government agencies have strict compliance requirements. Our cloud-based archiving solutions insure compliance with the proper documentation and reporting for verification.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – ATScloud can configure its resources to meet the requirements of your backup and disaster recovery plans and policies.

Secure. Scalable. Reliable. Responsive. Cost-effective. ATScloud’s architecture helps your agency meet and exceed your IT requirements.

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