Cloud Solutions for the Financial Market

financial imageThe financial industry has been hesitant to embrace ‘cloud services’ for several reasons:

        • Co-mingling of data with other companies
        • Accessibility issues
        • Regulatory and compliance requirements
        • Potential vendor lock-in

Our private-cloud architecture addresses those, and other, concerns:

  • Client data is never co-mingled with other clients
  • Access is obtained through a secure VPN, with multiple levels of security; our cloud is not accessible through simple URL addressing
  • The use of resource “pods” and appropriate audits and reporting insures that compliance requirements are met and exceeded
  • Flexible terms and conditions can be negotiated to mitigate fears of being trapped

Specific financial opportunities include:

  • Software application hosting
  • Archiving and maintenance of important records
  • Compliance requirements
  • Cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions

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