Print Material

White label marketing material to meet your needs

The following flyers are designed to distribute to your clients and prospects. They are downloadable and can be easily adapted to your specific format.


  • The top of the flyer is blank so that you can include your logo and contact information.
  • There is also a “powered by ATScloud” section that can be dropped if you wish.
  • The .zip files contain 2 PDFs (one for email, one for printing), a Publisher file and a Word document that contains just the verbiage, if you want to import into your own marketing format. The PDF flyers were created in Photoshop
  • Fonts: Fuji-Extended, Franklin Gothic Heavy, and Calibri

Most follow the basic theme of “Is The Cloud Ready For You?” The theme conveys the idea that the client’s needs drive the opportunity to migrate to the cloud; instead of them being “ready for the cloud,” the cloud should be ready to meet their needs.

Please contact us if you’d like to develop any customized materials, want the Photoshop files, or for us to add your logo.