Become a Partner

Some of the Partner Agreement Highlights

We are always looking for Partners who share our philosophy of providing high-value solutions to their clients.  Specializations in the healthcare, financial, legal, and government markets are encouraged, but not mandatory.


  • No margin cap
  • No sign-up fees to join
  • No start-up minimum
  • No exclusivity
  • No firewall charges
  • Scale up or down without penalty
  • Access to Microsoft SPLA
  • Geographically dispersed Tier IV and Tier III Data Centers
  • White-label option:  it is your cloud with your brand for your client

Our main product/service lines include:

      • Virtual servers – designed to meet a client’s specific needs
      • Cloud-based storage – 3 tiers of performance options
      • Cloud-based backup – available for partners’ data as well
      • Cloud-based disaster recovery – options available for RTO
      • Cloud-based archival solutions – applications for client of all sizes and industries

The process is straight-forward:

  1. A quick discovery call;
  2. Review, sign, and return the Partner Agreement;
  3. You receive pricing information and access to collateral and other marketing materials

It’s that simple!  To learn more, click here, or call 855-ATSCLOUD.