Why our Tag Line? Because our go-to-market strategy is based on channel and strategic partnerships.

cloud partnershipWe are very selective in choosing our partners, and very proud that top quality companies decided to select us.

Our investment in making the business partnerships work is second-to-none in the Cloud Computing industry, and covers both technology, joint pre-sales, and in some cases joint business development.

MSP and IT Service Providers

There is no doubt today that Cloud Computing is a major shift in the IT Industry, which cannot be ignored. Several years ago, when Cloud Computing was in its infancy, many IT Service providers considered it as competition and tried to convince their customers that on-premises managed services are safer and better for them. The market trends today prove that it is critical for IT Service Providers and MSPs to embrace the cloud and integrate it in their solution portfolio.

ATScloud offers MSPs and IT Service Providers the opportunity to build their own Cloud Offering, brand it, and keep the end-customer relationship. We take care of the high capital investments needed in building a robust cloud infrastructure, provide the training and pre-sales support to our partners, and even help them build their pipeline (if they are interested).

Thus the tagline,

“Your Cloud. Your Brand. Your Customer.”

Partnering with Technology Vendors

ATScloud also partners with Technology Vendors to create joint added value solutions. A great example of such a partnership is our relationship with ExaGrid, who selected ATScloud to be their cloud-based backup and disaster recovery partner. ExaGrid customers have now the option to replicate their on-premises backups from their local ExaGrid to a cloud-based ExaGrid. This solution can also be expended to a full DR solution, as ATScloud can spin virtual servers in a short period of time, in case the on-premises data center is not available.

ATScloud is constantly looking to extend its channel nation-wide, and create win-win business opportunities.