ATScloud Announces High Performance Flash-Array for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Applications

PureStorage Logo - RGBATScloud, a leader in secure, hybrid-cloud solutions, announced that they have released the ATScloud FlashArray VDI Platform, a flash-array solution for cloud-based, large-scale VDI. The new architecture matches the technical and commercial needs of medium and large customers, in terms of HA, performance, scalability, ease of deployment and operation.

ATScloud Desktop Virtualization Environment
Desktop Virtualization allows companies to standardize and centralize desktop management, reduce desktop support costs, and at the same time increase availability of the systems, data security, and workforce mobility. In the past, these significant benefits have come with a number of challenges, which slowed down market adoption of VDI. For example, storage requirements can fluctuate, reaching very high levels of IO/s during boot-storms or major configuration changes. This requires management and operations teams to have a methodological approach and expertise.

The ATScloud architecture is built upon ten years of deploying large scale VDI environments. This experience has resulted in an environment that is easier to deploy and manage for customers and partners. In addition, the solution is deployed using the latest in flash-array architecture. This combination of technologies allows for affordable large-scale deployments, overcoming the performance, scalability and commercial usability issues previously seen with other VDI solutions providers.

Flash-array outperforms speed of legacy spinning disk by order of magnitude
The new VDI architecture utilizes Pure Storage, Inc., provider of flash-array solutions. FlashArray was built to deliver the benefits of flash together with inline data reduction, to optimize storage utilization, performance and cost-savings for a variety of enterprise workloads, including server virtualization, VDI, and cloud computing. When compared to traditional disk-centric arrays, the Pure Storage FlashArray is faster and more space and power efficient, for less than the cost of mechanical disk per gigabyte stored.

A recent deployment of 600-users at Credit Protection Association Plc (CPA), resulted in an IO/s performance improvement averaging 20X times faster than the customer’s legacy spinning disk solution. In addition, storage consumption was sliced from 20TB in the previous system to less than 2TB in the ATScloud data center.

“The performance of the flash-array platform in our data center is keeping latency under one millisecond, even during boot storms,” said Alex Shapira, COO, ATScloud. “This has resulted in end customers seeing productivity boosts and more predictive user experiences throughout their day. Customers booting up in the mornings don’t affect users that are already logged in, and administrators are seeing a lower impact on systems during heavy write times, like virus scanning, patching and recomposing. All of these factors have resulted in very positive reviews from customers and partners alike.”

For ATScloud partners, this means they can sell a faster solution at an affordable price point.

Designed for deployments of 350 up to 5,000 end users, the FlashArray VDI Platform is for school districts, city governments, hospitals, universities and companies with a larger, distributed workforce, accommodating employees using multiple types of end-devices.

The ATScloud FlashArray VDI Platform is available through the company’s partner network.

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