About Us

About ATS Cloud – A Cloud Computing Company

ATScloud started with a simple goal: to build enterprise-level IT solutions for small and midsize businesses.

We achieve this by architecting solutions that take advantage of the latest innovations in virtualization and cloud based computing — enabling our clients to enjoy Fortune 500-caliber IT functionality without the upfront infrastructure investment or internal staffing requirements.

Wherever your organization’s IT headaches are, we can alleviate them to make life easier for you.

Take that computer on your desk, for example. That box attached to your monitor is pretty demanding. It requires updates, patches, upgrades and downloads on an ongoing basis. Multiply that by all the employees at your company, and that’s a lot of time and effort.

But move your desktops to a secure cloud environment, and those hassles go away instantly – without sacrificing control over your data.

That’s just one example of what we can do for you.

At ATScloud, we don’t see technology as a product. We see it as a means of helping you to achieve your business goals.

So when we sit down with you to discuss your needs, we won’t overwhelm you with the bells and whistles of our solutions. Sure, we can talk with you about our Tier 4 data center, or our unlimited remote server capacity, or our state-of-the-art security provisions.

But mostly, we want to listen to you. In our years of doing business, we’ve found that that’s where the best customer solutions begin.

“It is the responsibility we take to maintain
the expertise in technology and
governance, the reliable resources and
infrastructure your business mandates.“

Steve Levine, President