The ATScloud Difference

What makes us different from other cloud providers?

Solutions Oriented

Cloud ProvidersClients don’t buy boxes or “clouds”: they buy solutions to their problems.  That’s why we think it is important that we work with our Partners to help solve problems.  We also think it’s important for us to identify situations and business applications that our partners can leverage with their end-clients – for example, how archiving can be an application in healthcare, legal, and financial industries.  We want to help arm your sales team to help them win!

Take advantage of our solution portfolio – we picked best-in-class vendors and technologies, evaluated these solutions, so you don’t have to go through the trial & error.

Private Cloud versus Public Cloud

If you could choose between living in an apartment building, or in a comfortable house, what would you choose? You would probably weigh-in the requirements, expectations, costs before deciding.

Choosing the right cloud provider is no different

Most of our competitors offer cloud service utilizing a “public cloud” architecture, meaning that compute, storage and network resources are configured to optimize their profitability, and offering a mix of capabilities which might fit the lower-end market segments.

Security, performance, business continuity, might be adequate, if no special requirements exist. However, knowing where client data is actually located, for legal and compliance reasons, can be problematic in a public cloud

ATScloud is based on a private, secure cloud architecture, providing stricter, more secure access for its users.  Client data is stored in one of several U.S.-based secure data centers, where we always know where your data is located and accessed appropriately.

Pre-sales Support

There are cloud providers that are as eager to sign partners as we are; however, most neglect to educate or teach your people how to identify, educate, and sell to your prospects.  ATScloud will help educate you and your sales people how to:

          • identify opportunities where the cloud may be part of a solution;
          • market to those prospects;
          • explain the cloud’s ROI;
          • overcome client objections; and
          • close the deal!

While we will never contact your client without your consent, we will be available for conference calls and technical discussions as necessary.

ATScloud will be with you every step of the way.