About Us

Your Brand. Your Cloud. Your Customers.

ATSCloudATSCloud offers a broad range of secure, hybrid-cloud solutions applicable to a wide range of industries, while meeting the specific, unique requirements of vertical markets such as legal, government and healthcare. As a channel-centric company, ATSCloud has a flexible partner program enabling partners and their end-customers to have their own cloud environment.

This program allows partners to use their own brands, without the capital investment, support costs, and general hassle which are typically involved in supporting a cloud environment. They can provision services ranging anywhere from a single virtual server to a full, private hybrid cloud or disaster recovery platform.

Our rapidly growing solution offerings provide multiple options for customers, including high-performance computing and scalable storage, virtual desktop systems, and a vetted portfolio of cloud archival, backup, and disaster recovery architectures.

Solutions-based IaaS

ATScloud is not just hardware racked in a distant data center that you have to figure out how to configure and sell. ATScloud is about working with you to provide the best solutions to meet your clients’ exacting needs. Solutions that can go outside the box. Solutions that are stable, both technically and financially. Solutions that leave you with happy customers. Solutions that are profitable.

We’ll help you with the training, the marketing, the engineering, and the pre-sales support needed to help you close the deal. Then we’re there for you and your end clients when needed.

Learn how we are different from other cloud providers. Contact us a partners@atscloud.com.